Above Black (Digital)


By Dan Sherman (digital edition)

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Dan Sherman spent nearly 3 years of his life as a member of the US Air Force working for the National Security Agency (NSA) as an electronic intelligence specialist. During that time, he was an integral part of a project called “Preserve Destiny”… a project deeply involved with alien contact.

What You’ll Learn Reading

  • Breakdown of how grey projects (those projects related to alien knowledge) are kept under wraps so effectively from the prying eyes of the public;
  • In depth description of the intuitive communicator (IC) school attended by the author at the NSA facility at Ft. Meade, MD;
  • How the intuitive communications ability was unlocked in the author’s mind by exotic computer equipment;
  • What publicly traded company the author linked back to the classified IC school operations;
  • Revelations about how aliens use time and electromagnetic energy for travel; how long aliens have been visiting earth and possible links to a certain line of humans; about religion, God and mankind’s origin; their lifespan…etc;
  • Discussion about potential reasons for Project Preserve Destiny’s reason toexist and how that might affect mankind in the future;
  • Assorted pictures related to the author’s assignments and an interesting scan of his change of station orders.