AquaKat S – Portable


AquaKat’s ‘S’ or Portable. Suitable for single taps, showers, mobile usage – take this lightweight device with you everywhere you go, e.g., use in hotels, at friends, in caravans, for camping etc
Water volume: 100 litres per day

Fits directly onto OUTSIDE of tap close to the tapping point with clasp and strap provided.


Earn up to 264 NEXUSPoints.


AquaKat technology transforms water into fresh, quality spring water by purifying, vitalising, oxygenating, mineralising the water without the need for any filtration system. The result is tasty, healthy water you and your body will love.


What AquaKat is Used For

Through technical and chemical processing as well as pressurization, transport and stagnant in pipes for long periods of time, water loses most of its vitality. The AquaKat gives water back its original vitality.


How AquaKat Works

The AquaKat transmits selected frequencies patterns that vitalize the water by means of its specially designed body. This stimulates the ‘habits’ of the water, i.e. water molecules are activated and start to resonate, water clusters (molecule chains and clusters) break up into more structured water clusters form. This effect resonates throughout the water system.

With the advantages of bio-stimulation from Penergetic Technology, AquaKat Physical Water Treatment Devices are charged with frequency patterns modulated into the AquaKat, which trigger resonances, transferring vital information which is scientifically verified, into tap water.

AquaKat energised water vitalisation and purification greatly enhances cellular water structure for humans, animals and plants.

Tests clearly document an improvement in lime and rust behaviour, as well as a significant improvement in the taste. There are  no ongoing maintenance costs with AquaKat.

Mechanical water filters or reverse osmosis are also no longer needed to produce high-quality drinking water, with the use of the AquaKat Water Treatment Devices.


Health Benefits

• Changes the structure of the water molecule and memory of water, eliminating the harmful effects of fluoride chlorine and other toxic elements WITHOUT a filtration system resulting in overall enhanced physical wellbeing

• Tastes great and increases alkalinity (elevated pH) resulting in overall physical well-being

• Energetically cancels harmful information in water

• Optimises solubility and higher absorption capacity of mineral substances in the water


Importance of Drinking Healthy Water

On average, the body of an adult human being contains 70% to 75% water. Most of the water in our body is contained inside our cells, tissues and organs. It is a medically known fact that cells need living vital water to be healthy. Only water in its correct structure has the ability to penetrate the blood/brain barrier to fully nourish the cells.

AquaKat is a unique device that alters the properties of water and changes the memory of unhealthy components contained in water, like chemicals and heavy metals, to supply cells with the perfectly formed crystal structure.

It is therefore crucial for our wellbeing and overall health that we only consume balanced quality water. Make yourself and your cells happy, choose AquaKat and enjoy a healthy lifestyle!


AquaKat Products require NO Ongoing Maintenance, Expenses or Power

• No filters to change
• No plumbing or cutting of pipes required
• No special equipment needed to install
• No magnets to wear out or lose their charge
• No moving parts to wear out or need to be replaced
• No chemicals or salt to add
• No electricity required


Where and How Aquakat can be Used

Anywhere there is water! AquaKat replaces any filtration system to deliver high quality, alkaline water. We have the right size device for every purpose, whether for your home, for personal use, in business and industry, while travelling, caravanning or for sporting activities.

• Individual faucet, water tap or showerhead
• Private households
• Mobile home, recreational vehicle, cottage/recreational property
• Apartment buildings
• Park/rest area water supply and/or washroom facilities
• Swimming pools and hot tubs
• Hot water heating systems, cooling tower installations
• Commercial establishments, including restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores, spas, health resorts, tourist accommodation, car washes, laundries, hair and beauty salons, medical clinics, hospitals etc.
• Gardening and horticulture
• Agricultural uses (e.g. poultry / livestock watering, processing water, pesticide spray application, composting).
• Industrial uses (e.g. processing and cooling operations, metal fabrication, recirculation water use)