Atlantis in America


Navigators of the Ancient World by Ivar Zapp and George Erikson

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This book is an intensive examination of the archaeological sites of the Americas, an examination that reveals civilisation has existed here for tens of thousands of years. Zapp is an expert on the enigmatic giant stone spheres of Costa Rica, and maintains that they were sighting stones similar to those found throughout the Pacific as well as in Egypt and the Middle East. They used to teach star-paths and sea navigation to the world-wide navigators of the ancient world. While the Mediterranean and European regions forgot world-wide navigation and fought wars, the Mesoamericans of diverse races were building vast interconnected cities without walls. This Golden Age of ancient America was merely a myth of suppressed history until now.

Profusely illustrated, chapters are on Navigators of the Ancient World; Pyramids & Megaliths: Older Than You Think; Ancient Ports and Colonies; Cataclysms of the Past; Atlantis: From Myth to Reality; The Serpent and the Cross: The Loss of the City States; Calendars and Star Temples; and more.