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Subscribe or renew subscription to the hard copy issue for either one or two years (the magazine comes out every two months). This subscription is for addresses in Australia only. Please read the full description below for further info.

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Earn up to 93 NEXUSPoints.


This subscription starts with either the current or next issue.

Hardcopy NEXUS Magazine is published every two months and the issues run as follows: Dec-Jan; Feb-Mar; Apr-May; Jun-Jul; Aug-Sep; and Oct-Nov.

This subscription is for addresses in Australia only. Please go here for other choices.

Select one year (six issues) or two years (12 issues), and whether to start current or next issue.

Upgrading an existing subscription?

Please note: If you have an active subscription, the issues in your new subscription will automatically be added to your existing subscription.

You will also receive complimentary access to the downloadable version of NEXUS Magazine for the duration of your hard copy subscription. This offer is available only when you order via our website.