Bio-Fermented Turmeric

Bio-Fermented Turmeric


Our Bio-Fermented TURMERIC with Ginger and Black Pepper is a 100% natural, probiotic liquid. A natural anti-inflammatory, turmeric provides support when you have inflammation in the gut, joints, skin or other areas.

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There are over 8,900 positive studies on turmeric. and with black pepper increasing the value of turmeric by over 2,000% combined with the anti-inflammatory effects of ginger, we then fermented this amazing combination to make the ingredients even more potent.

  • PROBIOTICS + PREBIOTICS 8 strains of beneficial bacteria for easy absorption into the body
  • TURMERIC Over 8,900 positive studies on the health benefits
  • BLACK PEPPER Increases curcumin absorption
  • GINGER Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune support