BIOPTRON YOUTHRON with Fullerene Filter



Swiss-made BIOPTRON YOUTHRON Set with Hyperlight Optics cosmetic device is designed for home use and for small clinics.
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BIOPTRON Youthron with Hyperlight Optics is a cosmetic light therapy device designed for use at home, and in small clinics. This device now comes standard with the Fullerene C60 filter included. Small yet powerful, the Swiss-made light system is established in more than 60 countries worldwide including Europe, USA, Asia and Australia. The device comes in a handy plastic case for smart storage and transport. The filter diameter treatment area of BIOPTRON Youthron with Hyperlight Optics is approximately 5cm which equates to a shining surface area of 40 square cms. The broad light spectrum of BIOPTRON polychromatic light does not contain any UV radiation. This device has the same light characteristics as the Bioptron Pro1 and B2, the only difference is the size of the filter.


What is Bioptron Light?

It is well known that light can have positive effects on your health and beauty. Just as plant photosynthesis is stimulated by light, your skin also reacts positively to various light wavelengths. The BIOPTRON cosmetic light therapy system produces incoherent polarized light of specific power density and wavelengths from 480 nm to 3400 nm, combining visible and infrared light. BIOPTRON Light has no UV radiation that can cause the skin to lose its elasticity and age prematurely.

The BIOPTRON Cosmetic Light Treatment System is an established skin care device for your daily health and beauty. It may encourage positive changes in one’s complexion. After the use of BIOPTRON Light the skin exudes a glowing radiance, feels smoother and looks healthier. It can be used for all skin types and all body parts, alone or in combination with daily skin cosmetic products and treatments. BIOPTRON Light Treatment System can help you to fight off the signs of premature aging, environmental hazards and the stress of daily life for healthier and younger looking skin.



    Wavelength: 480 – 3400 nm
    Degree of polarisation: 95% (590 – 1550 nm)
    Specific power density: av. 40 mW/cm 2
    Light energy per minute: av. 2.4 J/cm 2
    Light Intensity: min. 10.000 lux
    CE labeling
    Weight without stand: 0.5 kg
    Weight with stand: 2.1 kg
    Energy consumption in sleep mode: ≤ 0.3 W
    Power Supply: 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption: 0.29-0.12



    BIOPTRON Light Therapy is to be performed individually. The duration of each session and of the entire course of the treatment depends primarily on the area to be treated. The BIOPTRON Light Therapy treatment can be used once or twice a day. BIOPTRON should be used when you have time to relax and can enjoy the beneficial effects of light therapy.




Carefully clean the area to be treated.





Hold the device at a 90° angle and at a distance of about 10 cm from the area to be treated.





Set the treatment time.





Press start.





Treatment starts. Relax.



Treat large skin areas one by one.


Use BIOPTRON once or twice a day e.g. every morning and/or evening.

In case you are receiving medical treatment or in case you are suffering from a medical dysfunction, please consult your physician if the use of BIOPTRON Youthron Light Treatment System is advisable for you.

The fullerene filter is the Bioptron polychromatic filter embedded with fullerene C60 nanoparticles.

The discovery of the Fullerene C60 molecule led to the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry and triggered a new field of research, introducing the world to new kinds of symmetric quantum nanomaterials, thus opening an entirely new chapter of nanotechnology.

In 2017, inspired by the properties of the Nobel Prize winning discovery of the fullerene C60 molecule and quantum physics, Bioptron scientists developed and patented the unique Fullerene C60 filter, which acts as a nanophotonic generator that transforms Linearly Polarised Light (existing Bioptron light) into Bioptron hyperpolarised light.