BIOPTRON PRO 1 with Table Stand and Fullerene Filter



Bioptron’s PRO 1, comes with table stand and Fullerene/Hyperlight Optics Filter

Swiss-made BIOPTRON cosmetic devices are used under professional conditions at hospitals, specialist institutions, wellness and sports centres as well as at home.
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The BIOPTRON Pro 1 Cosmetic Light Therapy device is designed for use at home and beauty clinics. With BIOPTRON Pro 1 you save energy, time and money as the state-of-the-art sleep mode only uses 0.5 W standby power so that the device can be ready for treatment anytime you want with no energy waste.

Now coming standard with the Hyperlight Optics/Fullerene Filter. The fullerene filter is the Bioptron polychromatic filter embedded with fullerene C60 nanoparticles. The discovery of the Fullerene C60 molecule led to the 1996 Nobel Prize in chemistry and triggered a new field of research, introducing the world to new kinds of symmetric quantum nanomaterials, thus opening an entirely new chapter of nanotechnology. In 2017, inspired by the properties of the Nobel Prize winning discovery of the fullerene C60 molecule and quantum physics, Bioptron scientists developed and patented the unique Fullerene C60 filter, which acts as a nanophotonic generator that transforms Linearly Polarised Light (existing Bioptron light) into Bioptron hyperpolarised light.

The device is available either with a functional floor stand and/or an ergonomic table stand allowing flexible use in domestic and professional environments. Easily adjustable height and head inclination as well as the ability to rotate the device head up to 360° allow a convenient usage for nearly any position. Treatments can easily be timed by a control panel down to 30 seconds. An integrated distance rod ensures the recommended distance to the skin surface area. The table stand is additionally equipped with a dust cover and a comfortable supportive mat (disinfectable, exchangeable and washable).

The filter diameter of BIOPTRON Pro 1 (approx. 11 cm) allows the treatment of small as well as bigger areas. This equates to a shining surface area of 141 square cms. With the new sleep mode function, you can keep your BIOPTRON device always ready for treatment with nearly no energy consumption.



Wavelength: 480 – 3400 nm
Degree of polarsation: >95% (590 – 1550 nm)
Specific power density: av. 40 mW/cm 2
Light energy per minute: av. 2.4 J/cm 2
Light Intensity: min. 10.000 lux
CE labeling
Weight without stand: 3.4 kg
Weight with stand: 7.8 kg
Energy consumption in sleep mode: 0.5 W
Power Supply: 100-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 90 VA



BIOPTRON Light Therapy is to be performed individually. The duration of each session and of the entire course of the treatment depends primarily on your health problem and on the state of the area to be treated. Depending on the medical condition to be treated, the BIOPTRON Light Therapy treatment will only take a few minutes once or twice a day. BIOPTRON should be used when you have time to relax and can enjoy the biostimulative effects of the therapy.


Before treatment, clean the area you wish to treat and remove any clothing or topical medications before the treatment.


Relax and point the light beam at the area to be treated. Hold the device at an angle of 90° and keep at a distance of approx. 10 cm (4 inches). The light beam should not be moved during the treatment.


Use BIOPTRON once or twice a day e.g. every morning and/or evening for 4 to 10 minutes or follow your doctor’s advice.


Repeat the instructions for each area of the body to be treated.



Unplug the Device after use!