Blushield Phi Series Portable Φ1


Blushield Phi Series Portable Φ1 

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Phi Series Portable Φ1 

The new Phi series was created to bring the ABS plastic range of products to meet today’s requirements for protection from 5G and EMF and also for those who are concerned about price.  Ideal for children and animals.

Coverage  – Your Phi Series Portable is designed for travel or use in between Blushield protected zones for 24/7/365 protection. Make sure you use the Phi Series Plugin Φ2 for low home EMF/5G environments or the Phi Series Hex Cube Φ3 for medium to high home EMF/5G environments. Protection Strength – Level 4

Recommendation – To maintain 24/7/365 protection while travelling to and from your Blushield protected home and workplace zones, we recommend purchasing the Phi Series Φ1 Portable model or the Ultimate Portables which are stronger. The home and workplace products are able to place you in a strong enough field to effectively compete against the EMF pollution as they use mains power whereas the portable products use a battery, and therefore they are not as strong.  However, the portable devices have enough strength to maintain you in the coherent Blushield field 24/7/365.

Profile – The new Phi Series Portable Φ1 comes in an ABS plastic case with a triangular hole suitable for a lanyard or key ring. The hole is lined with a stainless-steel insert to prevent the plastic case breaking when it is on a keyring or lanyard.

Operation – The Phi Series Portable Φ1 takes around 1 hour to charge the 350mAH battery and once charged it will last approximately 3 days if left going continuously. It comes with an on/off button, and also features a USB C socket for easy charging. The Phi Series portable comes with a USB cable suitable for charging. Use any 1 AMP charger for charging your portable. It will not charge on a fast charger or any similar charger over 1 AMP. If it appears not to charge, check what charger you are using.

Warranty – Your Phi Series Portable has the world standard 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and does not cover any kind of misuse. The Phi Series Portable will not withstand immersion in water for any length of time. Make sure not to leave it in your pocket when putting clothes through the wash. Doing this may render your portable useless – water immersion is not covered under warranty. The warranty also does not cover any kind of dropping or wear and tear by the user. Purchase the Blushield small pouch as this will protect your portable to a large degree if dropped.


  • Designed for use between protected zones
  • Offers protection from EMF and 5G
  • Aeroplane safe
  • Fast charging under 1 hour
  • Up to 3 days use on a single charge (approximation only)
  • 350mAH rechargeable battery
  • Coverage 6m diameter (spherical)
  • Size 80mm x 30mm x 11mm
  • Weight 35g
  • Pacemaker safe
  • Child proof
  • Features an on/off button
  • Comes with USB charging cable and lanyard
  • Charges via 1 AMP charger (not included)

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