Blushield Ultimate B1 Cube 5G


Blushield Premium Cube: EMF Protection

Effective radius up to 90 metres in all directions  (180 metre sphere) and is suitable for use in low to medium EMF/5G environments.

Plugs included to suit every region.

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B1 Ultimate Cube 5G

Eighty percent of Blushield’s effectiveness is based on Blushield’s technology adhering to specific natural laws.  The Ultimate B1 Cube, along with the Ultimate U2 Ultra and Ultimate C1 Cube are enhanced with Blushield’s proprietary formula. With the same technology, formula and diameter as the Ultimate U2 Ultra, the Ultimate U2 Ultra is twice the strength of the Ultimate B1 Cube.  The Ultimate B1 Cube comes in a high quality carbon blue duralium alloy, crafted into a timeless creation that will last for years to come.  The Ultimate B1 Cube has an area up to 90 metres in all directions  (180 metre sphere). We are all exposed to EMF and the Ultimate B1 Cube is recommended as a minimum for homes today.

EMF includes exposure, but not limited to: wi-fi routers, mobile phones, cordless phones, solar panels or close to solar panels,  smart meters, wireless baby monitors, powerlines, substations, transformers, in close proximity to mobile phone antennas, the new small cell antennas, smart meter grids. In fact, anywhere where there is the many different types of EMF, whether it be radio waves, high-powered microwave radiation, ‘dirty electricity’ (unwanted and undesirable radio waves running along potentially all electrical wiring in every building) or millimeter waves. The product when on, shows a constant soft red light at the rear of the device.

To keep you in a coherent field, the U1 Ultimate Portable, T1 Portable, X1 Pendant or W1 Watch also with the enhancement, is recommended when you are out & about and away from your protected home and work ‘bluzone’.

Note: A small amount of people who suffer from EMI (Electro Magnetic Illness) may detox initially  due to the release of stress from the body and the immune system seeking to normalise. Graduating the use of the product will assist if you want to slow down the harmless detox.

  • Designed for living and working areas where a high level of microwave radiation exists
  • Coverage 90 metres in every direction (180 meter sphere diameter)
  • Size 110mm x 110mm x 100mm
  • Weight 702gms
  • Great for homes and offices where EMF is low to medium
  • The Ultimate range is the best protection from today’s radiation
  • Comes with 4 international plug types

Information About Blushield Technology

Blushield stops the body responding to undesirable electromagnetic fields (EMF), as its coherent field overrides all ambient EMF fields. The body resonates with the fields from the Blushield device rather than from the many different artificial and harmful EMFs that now surround us constantly. The Blushield is a subtle energy device, mimicking nature but with much more power. The body absorbs and utilises these fields, negating the effects of hazardous EMF. Blushield technology is the catalyst that neutralises hazardous EMFs at the cellular level. With long-term use of the Blushield you will find the body becomes more resilient to EMFs. The benefits are cumulative and felt more over time, rather than immediately. The coherent field the Blushield emits is designed using natural laws and principles. All living things benefit from coherence.

The Blushield technology provides a scalar field comprised of a wide spectrum of natural frequencies which the body can easily utilise to reduce stress and maintain psychological and physiological balance when exposed to EMFs. Using Blushield, the body absorbs and utilises these natural frequencies from this intelligent ‘field’ of coherent information.

Blushield has been independently tested by a lab that verifies Blushield’s effectiveness using dark field microscopy and live blood analysis. Using the Blushield products one would expect a reduction or elimination of symptoms related to EMF exposure. This is reflected in your blood as healthier blood cells and a normalised immune system response.

DISCLAIMER: No medical claims or advice, promises of results, or anything insinuating a ‘treatment’ or ‘cure’ is being represented by the manufacturer.

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