The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 13, number 1.

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“Additive Alert: Your Guide to Safer Shopping” by Julie Eady

“Supernatural” by Graham Hancock

“Secrets of the Holy Lance” by Jerry E. Smith & George Piccard

“The Secret History of Freemasonry” by Paul Naudon

“Turning the Hiram Key” by Robert Lomas

“Colloidal Minerals and Trace Elements” by M.-F. Muller

“Perpetual Motion” by Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume

“Slim Spurling’s Universe” by Cal Garrison

“Invisible Residents” by Ivan T. Sanderson

“The Giza Death Star Destroyed” by Joseph P. Farrell

“Thunderbolts of the Gods” by D. Talbott and W. Thornhill

“Children Who Communicate…” by Bauer, Hoffmeister & Georg

“Beyond 2012 Š—– Catastrophe or Ecstasy” by Geoff Stray

“Terra Non Firma Earth” by Dr James Maxlow

DVDs & Videos

“Mind Control: A Brave New World…” by Dr Nick Begich

“Technologies in the 21st Century” by Dr Nick Begich

“Not The Cooking Show” with Paul Benhaim


“Music of Balkan Gypsies” by various artists

“Healing Bells” by Xumantra

“Voyage” by Monte Cristo

“Jaya Bhagavan” by Tina Malia and Shimshai

“Fire Drums” by various artists