The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 13, number 4.

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“The Electric Mirror on the Pharos Lighthouse…” by L. B. Radka

“The Sion Revelation” by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

“The Chaos Point” by Ervin Lazslo

“Conversations with the Soul” by Lawrence Follas

“Work Wonders: Feed…Raw Meaty Bones” by Tom Lonsdale

“The Hidden Story of Cancer” by Brian Peskin with Amid Habib

“Iraq Confidential” by Scott Ritter

“Genuine Freedom” by Matt Engelman

“Cancer: Its Cause and Treatment…” by Robert Bell, MD

“An American Demonology” by Colin Bennett

“Conscious Healing: the Regenetics Method” by Sol Luckman

“The Great War for Civilisation” by Robert Fisk

“The Ringing Cedars Series” by Vladimir Megre

DVDs & Videos

“Rooted: Dangers of Root Canal Therapy” by Robert Gammal

“Secret Space: The Illuminati’s Conquest of Space” by Enigma TV

“lightSOURCE with Hemi-Sync: A Sacred Geometry Experience”


“One World, One Kid” by various artists

“A Visit to Ali Farka Tour’é” by Marc Huraux

“M’_sica Para Despu’és de Almuerzo” by Bitman & Roban

“Honoring” by various artists

“Brazilian Lounge” by various artists