The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 2, number 17.

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“The Sun And The Serpent” by Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst.

“Return Of The Rainbow Race – Prophecies & Predictions, 1995-2012” by Doug Osborne.

“Racketeering In Medicine – The Suppression Of Alternatives” by James P. Carter, MD.

“Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality – The Story Of John R. R. Searl” by John A. Thomas, Jr.

“Burden Of Proof – Surviving Cancer, AIDS And Most Other Diseases” by James P. Hilton.

“Wise Women Of The Dreamtime – Aboriginal Tales Of The Ancestral Powers” by Johanna Lambert.

“Health & Survival In The 21st Century” by Ross Horne.

“Mankind’s Grand Illusion – The Nine Dimensions” by John Allen.

“Alternative Plans & Products Catalogue – 6th Edition 1994”.

“Tiny Game Hunting – Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap & Rid Pests from Your House and Garden” by Hilary Dole Klein & Adrian M. Wenner.

“Tomorrow’s Weather” by Alex S. Gliddes.

“George Bush – The Unauthorized Biography” by Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin.


“I’;m OK But You Need Professional Help!” by David Granirer.

“First Light” by Warren Connors.

“Wilderness” by Tony O’;Connor.

“Inner Peace, Beautiful Inner Self” by Grand Master Jack Lim.


“Energising By Lymphacising” by Ian Pettitt.