The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 2, number 25.

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“The Harmonic Conquest of Space” by Bruce L. Cathie

“Forbidden Science” by Richard Milton

“How to Avoid the Coming Crash” by Laurence F. Hoins

“Nothing In This Book Is True But…” by Bob Frissell

“The Medical Mafia” by Guylaine Lanctot, M. D.

“Universal Laws…Keely’s Secrets” edited by Dale Pond

“Immunization Theory vs Reality” by Neil Z. Miller

“The Pied Pipers of Heaven: Who Calls The Tune?” by L. Kin

“Fortean Studies-Volume 1” edited by Steve Moore

“The Allagash Abductions” by Raymond E. Fowler

“Fats That Heal-Fats That Kill” by Udo Erasmus

“Chronic Fatigue Syndrome… ” by Suzann Marie Angelus

“Secret and Suppressed” edited by jim Keith

“Pyramids of Montauk” by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon

“Black Helicopters Over America” by jim Keith


“The Science of Eternity” presented by Alan Pemberton

“Vital Flows” Schauberger lecture with Callum Coats

“The Bruce DePalma N-machine-Theory & Construction”

“The Midway Sightings-Unclassified Footage”


“For an Informed Choice” from Immunisation Awareness Society

“Return” by Sophia

“Tools for Self-Discovery-The Brain Tape” by Arden & Jack Wilken

“Wild Honey Dreaming” by Riley Lee & Matthew Doyle

“Inspirations” by Clifford White

“Time Dreams” by Bruce BecVar