The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 3, number 2.

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“Oklahoma City Bombing” ‘;by jon Rappoport

“The History of Atlantis” by Lewis Spence

“Coincidences: Chance or Fate?” by Ken Anderson

!’;The Hoser Files” by Raymond Hoser

“Geopathic Stress” by jane Thurnell-Read

“Doppelgangers” by Hugh Thomas

“The Dark Side of the Brain” by Harry Oldfield and Roger Coghill

“The Mayan Prophecies” by Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell

“The Alien Abduction Survival Guide” by Michelle La Vigne

“Danger My Ally” by F. A. Mitchell-Hedges

“Informed Consent” by John A. Byrne

“Song of the Stone” by Barry Brailsford

“Life Forces” by Jillie Collings

“Beyond My Wildest Dreams” by Kim Carlsberg

“Your Complete Guide to TENS” by Barbara Gordon

“The Book of Love” by A Medium

“Root Canal Cover-up” by George E. Meinig, DDS, FACD


“Enchant” by Chris James and Wendy Grace

“Voices ofthe Night” by Riley Lee and Michael Atherton

“Rhythmist” by Ian Cameron Smith

“Magic of Healing Music” by Bruce BecVar and Brian BecVar

“The Mansa of Mali” by Salif Keita

“In the Hiding Place of Thunder” by Greg Miller

“Parific Rim” by Anton Mizerak

“Travelling” by Charlie McMahon and Gondwana

“Balance” by Peter Westheimer