The Books, DVDs and Music reviews section of volume 3, number 4.

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“The Clinton Chronicles Book” edited by Patrick Matrisciana

“Foreign Body: Secret Life of Robert Maxwell” by Russell Davies

“Cancerproof Your Body” by Ross Horne

“The Water You Drink: Flow Safe Is It?” by John Archer

“Conversations Beyond the Light” by Dr Pat Kubis and Mark Macy

“Alternative Medicine” compiled by Burton Goldberg Group

“The Greatest Fraud: Fluoridation” by Dr Philip R. N. Sutton

“Gravitational Force .of the Sun” by Dr Pari Spotter

“Healthy Home and Healthy Office” by Reinhard Kanuka-Fuchs

“One Light: A Factual Experience” by Jon Whistler

‘;’;Fingerprints of tne Gods” by Graham Hancock

“A Child of Eternity” by Adriana Rocha and Kristi Jorde

“A/ien Discussions” edited by Andrea Pritchard et al.

“Essiac-Fighting the Cancer in Our Systems” ed. by C. MacDonald

“TRANCEformation of America” by Cathy O’;Brien & Mark Phillips


“I’;m Not Hyper, Angry or Lazy” by Rod Markham

“Mixed Spice” by Riley Lee

“Realm of the River King” by David Pickvance

“Music for a Changing World” from Xenophile Records

“Shaman’s Breath” by Professor Trance & the Energisers

“All is One” by Yulara

“Raindreaming” by Stairway

“Escape” by Mars tasar

“Secret Garden” by Fionnuala Sherry and Rolf Lovland