Casebook on the Men in Black


Best-selling conspiracy writer Jim Keith follows up his previous books with this investigation of various Men in Black stories (paperback).

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Known to Ufologists as MIBs, Keith chronicles the strange goings on surrounding UFO activity and often bizarre cars that they arrive in—literal flying cars!

Men In Black incidents straddle the realms of mysticism and science, occultism and UFOs, material reality and fantasy; partaking of all, defined by none. Since ancient times these mysterious beings have stalked the planet. In recent years they have tried to silence witnesses of UFO sightings with threats, harassment and worse. Who are these strange beings garbed all in black? Are they government agents? Aliens? Creatures from another dimension?

In Casebook on the Men in Black, author Jim Keith traces the path of these unusual visitors through history, and presents startling evidence about their origin and purpose. According to the lore, UFO witnesses are sometimes harassed or intimidated by mysterious men dressed entirely in black. Are they government agents, sinister aliens, time-travel police from the future or some other interdimensional creatures?