Danger My Ally


The true life adventure of F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, including his discovery of the famous Crystal Skull by Mike Mitchell-Hedges (paperback)

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The incredible life story of Mike Mitchell-Hedges, the British adventurer who discovered the Crystal Skull in the lost Mayan city of Lubaantun in Belize.

Mitchell-Hedges lived an exciting life: gambling everything on a trip to the Americas as a young man, riding with Pancho Villa, questing for Atlantis, fighting bandits in the Caribbean and discovering the famous Crystal Skull.

The Indiana Jones movie is based on this incredible adventurer’s story. Chapters include: Escape to Norway; Death in the Blizzard; Escape to Canada; Gamblers of the Stone Jungle; Pancho Villa’s Prisoner; The Girl From Ontario; Into the Unknown; We Become Gods; Battles with Sea Monsters; The Lost City of Lubaantun; The Outposts of Atlantis; Into a Lost World; The Skull of Doom and a Bomb; The Cyclone; more.

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