Doors to Past Lives & Future Lives


Doors to Past Lives & Future Lives – Practical Applications of Self-Hypnosis

By Joe H. Slate Ph.D. & Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

194pp | Paperback

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Access the collective wisdom of all your past life experiences and take control of your soul’s evolution. This newly revised and updated reworking of Dr. Joe H. Slate’s “Beyond Reincarnation” teaches you step by step how to conduct your own past life regression using powerful, scientifically tested methods of self-hypnosis. You can glimpse your past and future lives, explore life between lifetimes, and communicate with the spirit world through astral projection. Fascinating true accounts from Dr. Slate’s subjects highlight the effectiveness of these empowering do-it-yourself techniques. By retrieving past-life experiences, you can apply the lessons learned toward present-day healing, spiritual growth, and enlightenment for the continued evolution of your soul.