Egypt: Image of Heaven


The Planisphere and the Lost Cradle by Willem H. Zitman (paperback)

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The ancient Egyptians were the first geographical planners to develop a system in order to establish an “image of heaven” on earth. According to the famous British astronomer Patrick Moore, “the precision [of the Egyptians] was amazing by any standards, and there is no doubt that the Pyramids were astronomically aligned.”

This book completes Zitman’s ten year research into how the Pyramid Field depicts The Constellation of Horus, the deity who bore the meaning of power and invincibility — and who guarded the Pharaoh.

Rather than randomly pick certain pyramids, Zitman is the first who has been able to make sense of the entire era of pyramid building. Is this depiction of Heaven on Earth an inheritance of the mythical Followers of Horus, who were said to rule Egypt in Predynastic times? In this popularly scientific book, Zitman reveals how time and space were perceived by the Egyptians as sacred ingredients, and that they mixed into a divine master plan, which for the first time will be unveiled in its entirety.