Eye of the Phoenix


Mysterious Visions and Secrets of the American Southwest by Gary A. David (paperback)

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Eye of the Phoenix explores enigmas and anomalies in the vast American Southwest. Having witnessed sacred Hopi ceremonies and rock art, the author discusses little known aspects of the indigenous people. He believes that a global culture existing in pre-Columbian times profoundly influenced the dynamics of daily life there.

Contents includes: Spiraling To the Center of the World; Mystery Mesa-A Masonic Temple Beside an Ancient Hopi Village; The Great Pyramids of Arizona; Meteor Crater-Arizona’s First Bonanza?; Chaco Canyon-Ancient City of the Dog Star; Phoenix-Masonic Metropolis In the Valley of the Sun; Along the 33rd Parallel-A Global Mystery Circle; The Flying Shields of the Hopi Katsinam; Is the Starchild a Hopi God?; The Ant People of Orion-Ancient Star Beings of the Hopi; Serpent Knights of the Round Temple; Coming Up Through the Reed-Hopi Legends, Global Legacies; The Nagas-Origin of the Hopi Snake Clan?; Thunderclouds Over Palatki-A Sanskrit OM Symbol In Arizona; The Tau (or T-shaped) Cross- Hopi/Maya/Egyptian Connections, Who Put the Ka- In the Hopi Katsina?, The Hopi Stone Tablets of Techqua Ikachi, The Four Arms of Destiny-Swastikas In the Hopi World of the End Times; and more.