Flying Saucers Over Los Angeles


by Dewayne B. Johnson and Kenn Thomas, with commentary by David Hatcher Childress

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DeWayne Johnson completed his thesis, “Flying Saucers: Fact or Fiction?”, in August 1950 as a student in the Graduate Department of Journalism at UCLA, but never published it. Kenn Thomas, of Steamshovel Press fame, stumbled upon it and teamed up with AUP’s David Hatcher Childress to publish it, with the two adding commentary and introduction to what has become “Flying Saucers Over Los Angeles”.

Chronicles the first year of the flying saucer hysteria, from 24 June 1947 to 14 June 1950. Starting with the well-known Roswell crash and Maury Island incidents, Flying Saucers Over Los Angeles continues to little-known sightings and presents a contemporaneous view of the earliest UFO excitement in 1950s America. Unvarnished by the accumulated speculation of the last 46 years and from the vantage point of certainty that flying saucers are real, Flying Saucers Over Los Angeles unveils a previously unpublished manuscript by DeWayne as well as news and eyewitness accounts of actual flying saucer sightings over the LA basin.