Fullerene Filter Kit for BIOPTRON Pro 1

Fullerene Filter Kit for BIOPTRON Pro 1



Light therapy and quantum physics: inspired by the Nobel Prize winning discovery of C60.

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The BIOPTRON medical Hyperpolarized light – HPL (harmonized light with perfectly ordered photons) is a unique revolutionary feature in healing light technology, introducing extraordinary molecule: Fullerene C60.

The Bioptron C60  Fullerene Filter is patented nanotechnology.  It is the polychromatic filter embedded with C60 nanoparticles.  This filter with the Bioptron Light Therapy System produces hyperpolarised light.

Fullerene C60 is a third and unprecedented new allotropic form of elemental carbon in nature (the other two being graphite and diamond). Carbon, along with hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur is the basis of biological life and a building block of genes, proteins, lipids and other important biomolecules.

In a natural state C60 is so rare that it may be found in the most hidden places and only in trace amounts. It was found in a meteorite in Canada and it has been established that it was older than the solar system. It is believed that it came from cosmic realms from red giant stars, where it was synthesised and ejected into space. C60 can be found in trace amounts in a burning candle, as activated carbon, and in Russia in a mineral called shungite.

C60 is a molecule composed of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a geometric shape called a truncated icosahedron with the Fibonacci structure. It is the only molecule of a single element to form a spherical cage: C60 has 12 regular pentagonal and 20 regular hexagonal faces. No two pentagons share an edge, which could destabilise the structure.

The C60 colour is originally black in nature. The patented technology process of fullerene application changes it into the unique BIOPTRON® Quantum Hyperlight colour.

Structured light via Bioptron’s patented polarised light technology shining through structured matter of the patented C60 nano-particle filter on the human body has led to a new and exciting development in quantum physics and light therapy research.


What started as an astrochemistry project with focus on analyzing the makeup of space and celestial bodies in the universe, ended up sparking a major breakthrough in carbon chemistry with the discovery of a third and unprecedented new allotropic form of elemental carbon in nature: the fascinating fullerene C60 arranged in a pattern of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons with the icosahedral symmetry (the other two forms of carbon in nature are graphite and diamond).

Quantum medicineThis serendipitous discovery of C60 awarded in 1996 with the Nobel Prize in chemistry, triggered a new field of research introducing the world to new symmetric nanomaterials, thus opening an entirely new chapter of nanotechnology and nanomedicine: the studies led scientists and engineers to think of the multiple applications that the C60 could contribute (e.g. new cancer treatments, lightweight batteries, powerful rocket fuels, just to state a few examples).

Inspired by the energetic healing properties of this fullerene molecule and understanding the biology of life, Zepter have created and patented a Fullerene Nanophotonic Filter capable of producing totally new revolutionary BIOPTRON hyperpolarized light technology. The nanophotonic filter acts as a generator which transforms the existing BIOPTRON vertical linearly polarized light into a invented form of ordered structured hyperharmonized light which greatly positively influences our body. The hyperharmonized structured light* interacts with structured matter** that shares the same properties of symmetry: HPL transfers the energetic state of ideal harmony of C60 into the body inducing harmonization and equilibrium in energetically disturbed biological structures; accelerating natural healing and regenerative processes. The often quoted saying that “nature loves symmetry” reaffirms this idea: in nature, the resonance interaction occurs if two entities possess similar symmetries; the more harmonized entity (such as HPL) will prevail and will impose its symmetry on the other entity (bio-structures); restoring the disturbed symmetry properties in biological structures and biomolecules (biomolecules absorb energy that results from the electrical and magnetic characteristics of hyperharmonized photons). In effect, under the influence of BIOPTRON hyperpolarized light, the cell is stimulated to heal itself, regaining its natural equilibrium and it’s energetic properties.

Molecule Fullerene C60 /

* HPL: perfectelly ordered and harmonized light with structured photons = **structured matter (our body -75 % of biological structures in the human body: biomolecules and biostructures, water chains and clusters, clathrin, microtubules, collagen, centrioles, targets, flagella etc.) also possess HPL type of symmetry.


Note this product is not included in ARTG 304389

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