Heal Yourself the Natural Way (Digital)


by Walter Last (Ebook)

Heal Yourself the Natural Way: Overcome Diseases and Create Superior Health

This comprehensive guide contains over 400 pages

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The overall theme of this book is health and harmony – learning to live in harmony with our biological, social, and spiritual nature. This book will give you the tools to achieve this worthwhile goal. Do not be concerned that it seems far away. The most interesting part of life is the journey, so enjoy it, make it fulfilling and meaningful. It does not matter how fast you master the steps; it is more important that you enjoy doing them and in the process get to know your body and your mind and become friends with both. Learn to love yourself, and you will find it easier to love everyone else as well. If in doubt about any particular course of action, choose what on reflection appears to be more natural or will lead to greater harmony or balance. 

In this book you will find a wide range of natural health improvement and healing methods with easy-to-follow, do-it-yourself instructions. I suggest that you experiment with as many of these as you can in this venture. On the biological level, these are intestinal sanitation, allergy testing, and cleansing. Some idealistic individuals may embrace these measures enthusiastically, while others will try a little here and there but generally wait until poor health launches them more determinedly into a program of health improvement. That is quite all right. Just keep this book handy until you are ready. For those who want to start right now, however, here is the “prescription.” 

The main purpose of this book is to serve as a practical instruction manual for creating and maintaining good health. To get a basic overview and understanding of the underlying principles of natural living and holistic healing, I recommend that you start by reading the book in a selective way. Read more carefully those steps that provide a basic understanding of healthy living, nutrition, emotions, and beliefs, but skim over the details of specific exercises and procedures, or diseases in which you are not currently interested.