Healthy Home, Healthy Family

Healthy Home, Healthy Family


Exposing the hazards in your home from allergens to smart meters, by Nicole Bijlsma, ND (paperback)

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Is your house making you sick? If so, it could be due to EM fields from household wiring, appliances or wireless communication systems, natural radiation such as that which causes geopathic stress, or radioactive radon gas emissions. Or it could be due to poor-quality drinking water, allergens or chemicals. There’s a huge list of culprits. Here, Nicole Bijlsma addresses all these concerns and gives workable advice on how to get around these domestic risk factors.

Bijlsma is a naturopath and acupuncturist who, finding her calling in environmental medicine, explored the built environment and how it affects our health. Inspired by the German bau biologie movement, in 1999 she founded the Australian College of Environmental Studies (see Her passion is also fired by her own experience of living in a sick home: her sleeping on the other side of a wall to a meter box may well have led to her having 10 miscarriages.

In her accessible guidebook, Bijlsma lists what you need to consider before renting or buying a home, including pointers about the land itself as well as possible toxin sources in the home and how to identify, investigate and overcome them. If you want a healthy home and a healthy family, you can’t go past this book for the right technical advice based on solid research and an inspired, eco-sound approach.

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