How to Create Sacred Water


How to Create Sacred Water: A Guide to Rituals and Practices

By Kathryn W. Ravenwood, Foreword by Nicki Scully

232pp | Paperback

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A hands-on method to heal the waters of Gaia using powerful elixirs created with a sacred altar and consecrated crystals

• Reveals, step by step, the shamanic rituals and techniques to prepare crystal homeopathic elixirs to heal the waters of the Earth

• Explains how to create a sacred water altar in your home for elixir preparation as well as program the crystals used with healing intentions

• Includes shamanic journey meditations to connect with ancient water spirits and infuse your water-healing work with sacred intention

When Hurricane Floyd ravaged the North Carolina coast in 1999, Kathryn Ravenwood—living thousands of miles away in Seattle—was called by Spirit to help heal the toxic waters left behind. Combining her longtime devotion to sacred altars with her newfound connection to crystals, she developed a process to make crystal homeopathic elixirs to cleanse bodies of water both near and far.

Sharing her journey of spiritual calling and discovery, Ravenwood explains how to create crystal homeopathic elixirs using a sacred water altar and attuned crystals. Detailing how to create a personal altar in your home, the crystals most suitable for this work (such as amethyst and selenite), as well as how to program them with your healing intentions, she describes the month-long cycle—from full moon to full moon—of ritual and prayer at the core of the process that infuses the elixirs with their cleansing and healing powers. Ravenwood provides shamanic journey meditations based on Native American and Egyptian traditions to help you connect with ancient water spirits and guides and instill your water-healing work with sacred purpose. She explains how to ceremonially apply an elixir to a body of water and how the remedy will propagate outward to the ocean, bringing healing to the waters it spans as well as to the animals it encounters.

Bringing spirituality into physicality and providing a practical application for the work of Dr Masaru Emoto, this hands-on shamanic method enables each of us to take part in transforming our planet as well as our selves—for the health of Gaia and our own bodies is directly tied to the health of the waters that surround and are within us.