In The Dark


New Ways to Avoid the Harmful Effects of Living in a Technologically Connected World, by Jason Bawden-Smith

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Environmental scientist and entrepreneur Jason Bawden-Smith had an academic career and worked with New South Wales Health before setting up his own environmental technology companies ( He only woke up to the dangers of particular electromagnetic frequencies a few years ago when he realised that they were playing a major part in his health woes.

Studying the research of top EMF scientists, he healed himself and went on to write this book. In it, he explains the deleterious effects of artificial light while touting the benefits of natural, full-spectrum light. He details how we’re being “electri-fried” by EMF waves from Wi-Fi, mobile and cordless phones, smart meters, microwave ovens and other devices and technologies. These waves cause breaks in our DNA and open voltage-gated calcium channels, resulting in oxidative stress and inflammation.

Bawden-Smith says that industry and government authorities are not responding well to findings about the dangers of this non-ionising radiation, but he sees hope that entrepreneurs can develop EMFcombating systems to stay ahead of the new devices emitting stronger radiations that will hit the market in the coming years. He gives tips on protection from the EMF onslaught, and having tested umpteen EMF shielding devices he concludes that Blushield and Quantlet technologies offer the best defence. He’s now launched an education platform, EMF Warriors, with world-renowned experts. His book has apt advice for overcoming electrosensitivity and improving wellbeing.