Inside The Gemstone File

Inside The Gemstone File


Howard Hughes, Onassis & JFK, by Kenn Thomas & David Hatcher Childress (paperback)

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Steamshovel Press editor Kenn Thomas takes on the Gemstone File with David Hatcher Childress in this run-up and run-down of the most famous underground document ever circulated.

Photocopied and distributed for over 20 years, the Gemstone File is the story of Bruce Roberts, the inventor of the synthetic ruby widely used in laser technology today, and his relationship with the Howard Hughes Company and ultimately with Aristotle Onassis, the Mafia, and the CIA. Hughes kidnapped and held a drugged-up prisoner for 10 years; Onassis and his role in the Kennedy Assassination; how the Mafia ran corporate America in the 1960s; more.

A fascinating book on the Kennedys, the incredible life of Onassis and the links between the Mafia and Intelligence agencies. This book is all the more significant with all of the later Kennedy events.

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