Journey of Souls


Journey of Souls – Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Michael Newton, Ph.D.

290 pp | Paperback

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This remarkable book uncovers–for the first time–the mystery of life in the spirit world after death on earth. Dr. Michael Newton, a hypnotherapist in private practice, has developed his own hypnosis technique to reach his subjects’ hidden memories of the hereafter. The resulting narrative acts as a progressive “travel log” of the accounts of twenty-nine people who were placed in a state of superconsciousness. While in deep hypnosis, these subjects movingly describe what has happened to them between their former reincarnations on earth. They reveal graphic details about how it feels to die, who meets us right after death, what the spirit world is really like, where we go and what we do as souls, and why we choose to come back in certain bodies.