Life After Death is Certain


A Psychic’s Manual by John O. Milne

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Engineer John Milne became interested in psychic research in 1957 when a spiritualist medium showed him proof of survival of consciousness beyond death. He developed his own mediumship as a healing practice through the Valley Spiritualist Church, Brisbane, of which he was president from 1963 to 1991. He saw the need for a psychic manual, and in 1968 his Life After Death is Certain was published. He died in 1992, but in recent times he made contact with the spiritual circle to ask for his book to be republished.

Milne discusses the scientific, philosophic and spiritual aspects of survival after death and holds that spiritualism is the science of life, free of dogma and creed and focused on replacing the mystery and fear of dying with a reason and purpose for living. He explains the operations and purposes of spirit guides, helpers and mediumship circles, the nature of psychic gifts, and the various types of mental and physical mediumship. He describes the workings of spirit and distance healing and the seven principles of spiritualism.

Milne also outlines the spirit’s separation from the physical body at death and the conditions that govern existence in the spirit world. He touches on rescuing Earth-bound spirits, reincarnation, the spiritual aspect of hypnotism and the truth about Christianity. His approach is responsible, alerting us to the many pitfalls of psychic work yet also giving inspiration to true spiritual seekers.