Liquid Conspiracy

Liquid Conspiracy


JFK, LSD, the CIA, Area 51 & UFOs by George Piccard (paperback)

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Underground author George Piccard on the politics of LSD, mind control, and Kennedys involvement with Area 51 and UFOs. Reveals JFK’s LSD experiences with Mary Pinchot-Meyer.

The plot thickens with an ever expanding web of CIA involvement, underground bases with UFOs seen by JFK and Marilyn Monroe (among others) to a vaster conspiracy that affects every government agency from NASA to the Justice Department. This may have been the reason that Marilyn Monroe and actress-columnist Dorothy Killgallen were both murdered. Focusing on the bizarre side of history, Liquid Conspiracy takes the reader on a psychedelic tour de force. Co-written with Jim Keith, who died shortly afterwards… This is your government… on drugs!