Mary Magdelene: The Illuminator

Mary Magdelene: The Illuminator


by William Henry (paperback)

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Could Mary Magdalene have been Jesus’ wife and the one who enlightened him? William Henry has been doing historical and mythological detective work on the suppressed secrets of Jesus and Mary Magdalene for more than 20 years. Now, he goes beyond The Da Vinci Code and Holy Blood—Holy Grail and pierces the veil of mysteries enshrouding this intriguing pair.

In this book, he presents new evidence about the true history of Mary Magdalene, including the reasons why she was called the Illuminator or Illuminatrix. Henry reveals sensational new research he has gleaned from forbidden texts, and discloses teachings deciphered from clues encrypted in religious art and legend.

Journey to the core of the inscrutable Mary Magdalene to discover knowledge of the “ultimate secret”of the Tower or Ladder to God, also called the Stairway to Heaven. Also explore these topics:

  • The astonishing facts about the secret teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their connection to the Illumined Ones of the past;
  • the alchemical secrets of Mary Magdalene’s anointing oil and how it transformed Jesus;
  • the Gnostics and Cathars and their connection to Mary Magdalene;
  • the Magdalene’s connection to Ishtar, Isis and other ancient goddesses;
  • the reality of an extraterrestrial presence in the Bible and Gnostic Christian texts;
  • how the Knights Templar encoded the secret teaching of Jesus and Mary in religious graffiti at Domme, France; and
  • much more!
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