Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness

Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness


by Jim Keith

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Conspiracy expert Keith’s final book on mind control, Project Monarch, and mass manipulation. Keith says that here stands the New Man. His conception of reality is a dance of electronic images fired into his forebrain, a gossamer construction of his masters, designed so that he will not under any circumstances perceive the actual.

His happiness is delivered to him through a tube or an electronic connection. His God lurks behind an electronic curtain; when the curtain is pulled away we find the CIA sorcerer, the media manipulator.

Chapters on the CIA, Tavistock, Jolly West and the Violence Center, Guerrilla Mind-war, Brice Taylor, other recent victims, and more.

  • From the first stirrings of the psychological and technological control of humanity at the turn of this century, to the creation of an education system intended to dumb students down rather than teach them.
  • From the creation of the CIA and secret societies of the elite, to mass drugging of the population.
  • From the use of subliminal persuasion, to the creation of cults of control.
  • Finally, to the invention of top secret mind control devices with capabilities far beyond anything that the media has ever revealed to an unsuspecting public.

All of this and more is told in the thoroughly documented history of the control of mankind!

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