Meditation Essential Oil Blend

Meditation Essential Oil Blend


Heaven’s Light Therapeutic’s ‘Meditation’ Essential Oil Blend 15ml

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Locally made in Sunshine Coast, Australia (the home of Nexus Magazine) this range of homemade essential oil blends are one of our personal favourites.

Meditation Blend

Meditation has earthy, mildly spicy and light floral undertones that may assist to quieten the mind, centre, invoke a deep calm, introspection and meditative state, nurture creativity, soothe the nervous system, elevate vibrational frequency, ground physical and energy bodies, increase receptivity to divine forces, open channel of inspiration, heighten awareness, disperse negative energies/feelings/thoughts, invoke clarity and expansiveness.  Ingredients:  organic jojoba oil, organic myrrh, patchouli, lavender.

Please do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, an adult dose on children under 16 years, if taking anti-coagulant (blood thinning) or diabetes medication.  Contra indications do apply.

About Heavens Light Therapeutics
Organic essential oil mood enhancing Elixirs for Women, Men and Children

As with all products made from inspiration and passion, most come with a story. The mood enhancing elixir range is of no exception. Born from formulations which I received from guiding forces that have been consistently by my side from infancy, which was conveyed to assist modern day discomforts and disturbances, I was asked to pen down 11 formulations which would assist not only the physiology of the body but alter and enhance mood outcomes whilst reorientating the subtle unseen structures of the energy bodies via the vibrational frequency imbued within each blend. Having received my Aromatherapy training and qualification in 2003 I was aware intellectually of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual properties and constituents of essential oils and their powerful impacts, however some of the combinations within these gifted 11 blends seemed surprising and unexpected to me. I tenaciously researched and refined the dosages of each blend for 2 and half years before feeling completely satisfied with the final result, releasing them into a retail market, one of Australia’s leading health retreats, to receive favourable feedback. As my family predominantly live an organic lifestyle it was important, and in fact a requirement personally, that these products be as unpolluted as possible from contaminants and toxins, so the natural choice was certified pure organic essential oils, carrier oil and body and face emollients to be used in this range, contributing consciously to the planet, with the sole intent to bring harmony, balance and upliftment to your everyday.

There is an adult and children’s (5years to 16years) range available with the children’s options modified in dosage to comply with current industry protocols. My greatest testimonial throughout all this has been my young 6 year old daughter who was assisted greatly from the Deep Sleep blend, we all now enjoy an uninterrupted full night sleep, ah heavenly! It is my greatest hope that these formulations will soothe your senses and uplift your spirit.

Its all about the vibration!!!
Let me describe it to you in this light! The essential oil formulas within the Heavens Light Therapeutics range are the body to carry and transmit the current of higher vibrational energies, much like the physical body we exist in is the vehicle through which the soul expresses and experiences life in this dimension. Each blend is encoded with Christ Consciousness Sacred Geometry and light language which reconstructs the energetic web to its rightful configuration. All 11 formulations were brought through from the Celestials via my clairaudience (the ability to hear that which is inaudible). It is also well noted in Aromatherapy that everything that has a cell structure, including plants, has a measurable vibrational frequency field, and as the plant kingdom resonates at some of the highest meta hertz frequencies (upto 320mhz compared to the human vibrational field of 62 to 70mhz), making contact with our senses, skin, limbic brain, blood stream, cells, organs, glands and systems impacts upon our vibrational frequency, elevating the etheric body and affiliated energy bodies to a heightened resonance. Tangible benefits can result from this contact of entrainment, most notably an alleviation of discomfort felt within the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Kindest regards Tania Rule