Mind Control, Oswald & JFK


“Were We Controlled” by Lincoln Lawrence with introduction by Kenn Thomas (paperback)

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Thomas examines the little-known book Were We Controlled?, an underground conspiracy classic that argues that mind-control technologies were an intrinsic part of the JFK assassination scenario. It is written by the pseudonymous Lincoln Lawrence, about whom little is known and was first published in 1968. The book maintained that Lee Harvey Oswald was a special agent who was a mind control subject, having received an implant in 1960 at a Russian hospital. Thomas examines the evidence for implant technology and the role it could have played in the Kennedy Assassination.

Thomas also looks at the mind control aspects of the RFK assassination and details the history of implant technology. A growing number of people are interested in CIA experiments and its Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. It is this RHIC-EDOM device, first exposed in this book, that is featured in the MEN IN BLACK movies starring Tommie Lee Jones and Will Smith where they flash a device and people have sudden missing-time!