Modern Aether Science (Digital)


By Harold Aspden (digital edition)

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1972 classic

This work explores the modern evidence that the aether is a reality.

We will proceed without mathematics and we will attack abstraction, and in particular, we will attack Whitehead’s problem of understanding mechanics, by explaining the nature of mass.

A mathematical analysis is provided in the author’s book Physics without Einstein, but this new work goes beyond the scope of that book by incorporating the results of further research and exposing some weaknesses in existing theories. A solution to the mysteries of the creation of the solar system is an important original feature presented in this work.

It is anticipated that the evidence provided will convince the reader that the ever-present aether deserves attention, but if the reader is left with doubts it is hoped that this book will stimulate the reader to voice these thoughts and seek to resolve them constructively.

The true form of Nature is already set. It needs imagination and analysis and a will to defend as well as criticise any theories put forward, if we are able to find a way to comprehend the sub-structure of Nature.

In this book the author has been ready to criticise and has offered much that can be criticised, and if the reader is left with doubts not held before, then this book has served the reader well.