Mystery Cities of the Maya


First published in 1925, this is the story of Thomas Gann’s early 1920s explorations and adventures around the Caribbean and the jungles of Central America, especially Belize and the unique Mayan city of Lubaantun which he first investigated in 1903. (paperback)

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In this book he describes Mayan stepped pyramids, burial mounds, stelas, underground passages, glyphs and lost artefacts, “Devil Dance” masks and day-to-day religious and social rituals, and supports his narrative with classic photographs, maps and diagrams of the day. In 1924 and 1925, Gann joined his explorer friend Mike Mitchell-Hedges on an expedition to Lubaantun, where the famed Crystal Skull would be discovered some time before the three-year dig was over.

While they made some remarkable discoveries, including evidence of three different periods of occupation at the site, their expedition was cut short due to sickness in the camp. All par for the course for intrepid explorers in search of Atlantis!