Mystery In Acambaro


by Charles H. Hapgood. Intro & Foreword by David Hatcher Childress (paperback)

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A curious collection of fired clay figurines was discovered in Acámbaro, central Mexico, in 1944 by Waldemar Julsrud, a local German businessman and amateur archaeologist. In the mid-1960s, geologist/ anthropologist Charles Hapgood (author of Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings and Path of the Pole), together with Earle Stanley Gardner (author of the Perry Mason mysteries) set out to determine the alleged antiquity of the bizarre objects, many of which depicted dinosaur- and monster-like creatures, sometimes in the company of humans and even reptilian alien figures.

In 1973, Professor Hapgood wrote an unpublished booklet, Mystery in Acámbaro (reprinted here in full), wherein he discusses the feasibility of these figurines being sourced from an ancient culture, and the results of radiocarbon tests that suggest the artefacts could be anywhere from 6,500 to 3,100 years old. Thermoluminesence testing yielded a date of 2500 BC: 4,500 years old, and coinciding with the occupation of the Pyramid of Cuilcuilco, according to Hapgood. Yet the source and purpose of these clay figures, 33,500 objects in all, still eludes definitive explanation.

Author/explorer David Hatcher Childress has reprinted Professor Hapgood’s study and adds his own embellishments.