NASA, Nazis & JFK – The Torbitt Document


The Torbitt Document and the JFK Assassination by Kenn Thomas (paperback)

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This book emphasises the link between “Operation Paper Clip”, Nazi scientists working for NASA, the assassination of JFK, and the secret Nevada air base Area 51. The Torbitt Document also talks about the roles played in the assassination by Division Five of the FBI, the Defense Industrial Security Command (DISC), the Las Vegas mob, and the shadow corporate entities Permindex and Centro-Mondiale Commerciale.

The Torbitt Document claims that the same players planned the 1962 assassination attempt on Charles de Gaul, who ultimately pulled out of NATO because he traced the “Assassination Cabal” to Permindex in Switzerland and to NATO headquarters in Brussels. The Torbitt Document paints a dark picture of NASA, the military-industrial complex, and the connections to Mercury, Nevada which headquarters the “secret space program.”