NEXUS MAGAZINE: 1987-2021 (upgrade only)

NEXUS MAGAZINE: 1987-2021 (upgrade only)


NEXUS MAGAZINE: 1987-2021 (upgrade only)


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Offer for those who have purchased the 1987–2019 previous full price NEXUS back issues DVD. This price will be honoured if you are on file as having purchased the previous NEXUS back issues DVD.

A DVD or USB containing the text files (PDFs) of 194 editions of NEXUS from 1987 to 2021—over 1,500 articles of hard-hitting information.

Every piece of information contained in NEXUS Magazine since it was first published in 1987 is available in pdf format on this USB or DVD (choose your preference).

Now you can search over 1500 articles including Global News, Twilight Zone and Science News, reviews and more, published in the 34 years from 1987 up to and including Volume 28, Number 6, October–November 2021 (Nov–Dec 2021 in US/Canada).

Next time you have an inkling you read something regarding a specific topic in NEXUS, all you have to do is pop the DVD/USB into your computer and search for keywords or strings of text and be directed straight to the source!

Cited websites are active for ease of reference to sources.

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