Oil of Wild Oregano Capsules

Oil of Wild Oregano Capsules


Solutions 2 Health’s Oil of Wild Oregano Capsules

80% Carvacrol

Organic Oregano

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Certified organic, this Oil of Wild Oregano can treat a wide range of conditions, from colds and flus to fungal infections and is even used as a general health tonic. The active constituents have been shown to have antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. It is a potent source of Carvacrol which possesses antibacterial properties and is helpful as an immune boost or tonic for general health.

Traditional use: the essential oil being recommended for the relief of rheumatic pain, resporatory conditions associated with symptoms of colds and flu, gastrointestinal health, a warming aid to digestion and circulation.

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