One Woman’s Miracle: Everyone’s Journey


My Amazing Journey from Death Back to Life by Sylvia L. Martin

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Do you want to learn the secret of having a happy, pain-free, and emotionally stable life, of realising and understanding what this Third Dimension we call Earth is really about? Read the fascinating true life story of one woman’s quest through many emotional ups and downs, heartbreak, and an operation that led to a near-death experience, which changed her whole life and how she perceived it. This experience led her to wake up to who she really is and what our lives on Earth are all about. Don’t miss reading her fascinating, controversial story that will enable you to understand and deal with many situations that come up in our lives. Sylvia Martin shows you how adversity can be a wonderful gift that helps to release inner secrets and fears, through acceptance and understanding of the circumstance. One Woman’s Miracle: Everyone’s Journey will change the way you live and look at your life, and lead you to inner peace and love.