Oracle of the Illuminati


Coincidence, Cocreation, Contact. Investigative mythologist William Henry follows up his best-selling CLOAK OF THE ILLUMINATI with this fascinating treatise on the secret codes, oracles and technology of the ancient Illuminati. (paperback)

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Henry’s primary mission is finding and interpreting ancient “gateway stories” which feature the use of advanced technology for raising spiritual vibration and increasing our body’s innate healing ability.

In this book, he shows how the human body shares the design of the complete Ark of the Covenant, and tells what the Gnostics knew about the Divine Particle within. He also unravels vital new and important discoveries about the creation of crop circles and the language of light, and reveals what secrets Jesus, Leonardo and Salvador Dali shared.

The mysterious and powerful knowledge possessed by the ancient Oracles is being duplicated by modern science, and Henry shows how Mayan, Egyptian, and Sumerian serpent symbolism match, and hold the secrets of wormholes. He also discloses how nanotechnology will help build the New Atlantis!