Overcoming Candida… and Other Fungal Problems (Digital)


by Walter Last (Ebook)

Overcoming Candida… and Other Fungal Problems: A Guide to Self-Healing—another book in the Heal Yourself Series

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Towards Radiant Health is the first book in the Heal Yourself Series and is intended to be used together with the “Overcoming…” books for each specific issue, as it contains essential information that is not repeated in these other books.

Candida-related problems have become epidemic in recent decades.

Candida is best known as causing the annoying itching of thrush but that is just the tip of the iceberg. More serious are the gastro-intestinal problems that it causes and a wide range of diseases and conditions when it invades the bloodstream.

More often than not we may not even realise that our health problems are due to Candida and related microbes and parasites because Candida can appear in the disguise of countless different diseases and symptoms. Autoimmune diseases, allergies, asthma, arthritis, chronic fatigue, anxiety and depression, hyperactivity, attention deficit and even cancer are all closely related to Candida and similar microbes.

The main reason for this wide-ranging effect is the invasion of the intestinal wall by the fungal form of Candida, causing inflammation and Leaky Gut Syndrome. This in turn is a main cause of allergies, microbial invasion of the blood, and a weak or overactive immune system. Further severe problems, especially in brain and muscles, are caused by fungal toxins and by pyroluria with persistent zinc and vitamin B6 deficiency when these microbes invade the liver.

Fortunately, we have effective natural therapies to control and overcome Candida and other parasites. We do not even need to know if our problems are caused by this fungus or by any other microbes.

The recommended natural therapies have broad-range anti-microbial effects, and are good to use by everyone once a year to eliminate harmful microbes and parasites.