Overcoming Weight Problems (Digital)

Overcoming Weight Problems (Digital)


by Walter Last (Ebook)

Overcoming Weight Problems—another book in the Heal Yourself Series

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Towards Radiant Health is the first book in the Heal Yourself Series and is intended to be used together with the “Overcoming…” books for each specific issue, as it contains essential information that is not repeated in these other books.

You Can Manage Your Weight Naturally

Rates of overweight and obesity have soared in recent years and are reaching crisis proportions. This has led to the promotion of countless weightloss programs with varying but generally unsatisfactory long-term success rates. It is usually easy to lose a fair amount of weight very quickly, but it is also quickly regained. Most of this quickly moving weight is just due to gaining or losing water.

Fortunately, there is an effective natural method of weightloss that is based on sound metabolic principles. Suitable proteins are used to avoid becoming hungry, while fruit acids help to convert fat into energy. On the strict form of this diet you can expect to lose up to 1kg of fat per week, and by following the recommended maintenance diet you can expect to keep it off and maintain your ideal weight.

While not so much talked about, it is often much more difficult to gain weight and energy for someone who is underweight. Nevertheless, in this book you will also find a program to help normalise your weight and improve your energy level if you are underweight.