Perfect K2D3


Activation Products ‘Perfect K2D3’ 15ml – In 100% organic MCT oil

Regulates Calcium metabolism

Vegan Vitamin D3

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Vitamins K2 and D3 regulates ‘calcium metabolism’ – a process that supports the movement of calcium into your gut and out of your gut. Both vitamins are necessary to prevent your soft tissue from calcifying, and help deliver calcium to the all right places in your body. Most people are deficient in vitamins K2 and D3. K2 and D3 are not easily bioavailable in the foods we eat. That’s why it’s important that you supplement the two vitamins for optimal health.

  • Regulate Calcium Metabolism
  • Prevent Fractures
  • Better Bone Health
  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Immune System Support

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in your body

K2 promotes heart health

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