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Cerule’s PlasmaFlo Circulation Support 60 capsules

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The human body’s ability to renew itself is remarkable. Proper blood circulation at the capillary level is essential to ensure appropriate delivery of nutrients, oxygen, and cells to the body to assist daily renewal. Capillaries make up the vast majority of the total surface area of all blood vessels, extending into every region of the body, where they serve as points of exchange between the blood and surrounding tissue. The body’s natural ability to deliver nutrients, oxygen and cells is dependent on the health and integrity of capillary function.

What is the Vascular System?

The Vascular System is the system of blood vessels that carry blood throughout the body.

What is Microcirculation?

Microcirculation is the circulation of the blood in the smallest blood vessels which are the capillaries and venules. The main function of the microcirculation is the transport of the red blood cells to the body at a cellular level. Red blood cells deliver oxygen and nutrients and then remove CO2 and waste products. It is in the microcirculation that the adult stem cells move from the bloodstream into the body.

Why do we need to support microcirculation?

To optimize red blood cell and stem cell transport.

Studies have shown that by the age of 29 most people have significant fibrin levels that reduce the effectiveness of the microcirculation.

Other common benefits people report:

  • Warmer hands and feet
  • Ability to exercise better
  • Faster recovery
  • More energy