Robot Zombies (Digital)


Transhumanism and the Robot Revolution by Xaviant Haze and Estrella Eguino, foreword by Dr Roman Yampolskiy (Ebook)

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How advanced is the technology that exists today, what are we using it for, and can machines turn on their human creators? What is transcendence and why will we all be familiar with it? Technology is growing exponentially and the moment when it merges with the human mind, called “The Singularity,” is visible in our imminent future.

Can humans, limited by slow biological evolution, compete with synthetic intelligence? Science and technology are pushing forward, transforming life as we know it—perhaps even giving humans a shot of immortality. Who will benefit from this? Where did the idea of robots originate and why are humans fearful of decision-making robots that may be able to create goals and objectives, and work toward achieving them?

This book examines the history and future of robotics, artificial intelligence, zombies and a Transhumanist utopia/dystopia integrating man with machine. How did it all begin, and what’s in store for humans today, in the near future, and in the distant future?

Chapters include: Oh Robot, Where Art Thou?; Love, Sex and Compassion—Android Style; Humans Aren’t Working Like They Used To; Skynet Rises; Blueprints for Transhumans; Kurzweil’s Quest; Nanotech Dreams; Zombies Among As; Cyborgs (Cylons) in Space; Consciousness and the Spiritual Robot; Awakening the Human; more. Colour Section.