Seabuckthorn Seed Oil


Activation Products Sea Buckthorn oil 15ml

Raw – Organic – Non-GMO

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This oil is our newest entry to the Perfect Press Oil line. It has a tart, fruity taste, and can be taken orally, or applied directly to your skin for amazing benefits. Modern research shows that it is a wonderful moisturizer and a powerful skin supporter. It’s been used for thousands of years for a wide range of health remedies and is recommended in ancient texts like Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Some of Seabuckthorn Seed Oil’s many health benefits include…

  • Great for helping your skin repair and recover
  • Benefits your heart health
  • Strengthens and supports your immune system
  • Nourishes your liver
  • Supports healthy digestion

Try rubbing a small amount on problem areas of your skin or take this oil orally to experience these benefits. 

As with all of our oils, every bottle of Seabuckthorn Seed Oil contains the oil of thousands of Perfectly Pressed organic seeds. Our special pressing process ensures that there is no damage to the nutritional properties.

The finished product is stored in UV-protective Miron glass bottles to maintain quality over time. You will LOVE this NEW oil!

Seabuckthorn Activates Your Skin