Secrets Of The Holy Lance


The Spear of Destiny in History & Legend by Jerry E. Smith and George Piccard (paperback)

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As Jesus Christ hung on the cross, a Roman centurion pierced the Savior’s side with his spear. A legend has arisen that “whosoever possesses this Holy Lance and understands the powers it serves, holds in his hand the destiny of the world for good or evil”.

SECRETS OF THE HOLY LANCE traces the Spear from its possession by Constantine, Rome’s first Christian Caesar, to Charlemagne’s claim that with it he ruled the Holy Roman Empire by Divine Right, and on through two thousand years of kings and emperors, until it came within Hitler’s grasp—and beyond! Did it rest for a while in Antarctic ice? Is it now hidden in Europe, awaiting the next person to claim its awesome power? Neither debunking nor worshiping, SECRETS OF THE HOLY LANCE seeks to pierce the veil of myth and mystery around the Spear. Mere belief that it was infused with magic by virtue of its shedding the Savior’s blood has made men kings. But what if it’s more? What are the powers it serves?