Soul Whispers: Healing the Family Tree


Soul Whispers: Healing the Family Tree

by Moira Mac

247pp | Paperback

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As science explores the terrain of epigenetics and uncovers the significance of the connection between past and future generations in ways we never previously thought possible, Moira Mac confirms, through a series of direct experiences spanning almost three decades that revealed her personal genetic inheritance, how the effects of the environment and experiences of our ancestors are encoded in our DNA and influence our health, our life choices and each relationship in our lives.

A change in these conditions or a ‘healing’ experience alters our perceptions, raises our conscious awareness and deepens our inner connection, thus affecting the health of our entire family tree.

This book is a ‘must read’ for those interested in exploring their intergenerational genetic inheritance. The information it contains is relevant for every person who carries the cultural and familial influence of their ancestors; through personal challenges that are yet to be recognised and resolved, and through gifts that are yet to be acknowledged and expressed.